Purpose, Guidelines, and Policy of Willowcreek Voice

The Willowcreek Voice online newspaper is a student-interest driven and school-produced online publication for Willowcreek Middle School in Lehi, Utah.  Because the public education school system is a “limited open forum,” students do not have unlimited free speech, although they have a wide range of topics available to them.

Articles: These are the sole property of the school’s website, as they are produced by the students and advisor for use on the website. Every effort will be made to ensure credit is given to the photographer and videographer with the exception of the advisor.

Student images and identification: Photos taken of students will not be released for use in the online newspaper unless parental permission for release of the images in compliance with parental concerns  is on file at the school.  Every effort will be made to make sure no identifiers (birthmarks, name tags, names on paper, et al) for privacy and online security reasons. Parental permission will need to be renewed every year.

“Unique” submissions of material:  Because the online newspaper program requires a username and a password for contributors and staff writers, all material submitted from the subscribers to the newspaper will need to be submitted to the editor/advisor, and administration. All photographs and videos will also need to be submitted to the advisor and editor. It is at the editor’s/advisor’s and administration’s discretion whether or not the submitted material meets the needs of the online newspaper publication or meets the guidelines for online security of students.

Comments and opinion: All comments submitted to the online comment section are automatically considered “drafts” and are subject to review by the editor, advisor, and, if necessary, school administration. Comments need to be appropriate, respectful, and on topic. Items with foul language, innuendo, threats, or abusive speech will be censored or denied publication due to the limited forum and the youthful audience. Comments which incite or insult will also be denied publication.  Controversial topics, those outside of local community standards, are outside of the purpose and range of our newspaper.  All comments need to add quality to the discussions rather than detract or discourage public comment.

Advertising: Willowcreek Voice Online Newspaper does not accept advertising requests from outside sources. Promotion of in-school activities will be acceptable, but no revenue will be generated.

SPORTS: Willowcreek Voice Online Newspaper will report on sports activities which are unique to Willowcreek Middle School. At this point (2011-12 school year), this includes girls’ and boys’ basketball and track and field activities.

Staff writers and contributors: Willowcreek Voice Online Newspaper is produced by the journalism class at Willowcreek Middle School. The work – articles, polls, debates, photos, interviews, et all — are assigned and graded and have a time-sensitive nature to them due to the online aspect of online news work.

Purpose, Guidelines, and Policy of Willowcreek Voice