The Guideline To Babysitting.

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Babysitting can be tough but here are some helpful tips on what to do and what not to do.

What to do: Make sure you know how to change a diaper. How do you know when its time to change a diaper? You will know because they will start to smell. And yes there is a back side and front side to a diaper. When you put the kids to bed its always good to read them a book and sing them a couple of songs. What kind of songs should you sing? You should sing soft songs like lullabys and church songs no heavy metal. It helps them fall asleep easier and calms them down. Make sure to always be Interactive with the kids. What are some fun things to do with kids while babysitting? You can: Have a dance party, play dress up, do a fashion show, color, paint, draw, crafts, play tag/ hide and go seek, play house, play school, do makeover. There are so many fun things to do. Always do what they want to do remember you’re getting paid. If the baby is crying hold them, give them their binkie and sing to them and they should stop crying. What happens if the kid doesn’t stop crying? well then hold them and take them downstairs and maybe put on a show for a little and give them some food or milk and just let them calm down. But sometimes none of that works and all 3 kids are crying and they just wont stop. And that’s when you ask your mom to get you some ear plugs.  Always be nice even if the kid is being sassy. And give each kid the same amount of attention.

What not to do: Don’t ever be late. Have you ever woken up and looked at your phone and said “oh shoot I was supposed to go babysitting an hour ago.” Don’t ever leave the kids unsupervised you never know what can happen even if you just turn your head for a second.  Don’t just go on your phone the whole time.  If  you do that then you shouldn’t be getting paid. Don’t be super strict and no fun. Be the fun babysitter. And don’t ever put the kid to bed with a stinky diaper.

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The Guideline To Babysitting.