What’s Hot and What’s Not

Parker Anderson

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What’s Hot and What’s Not

By:Parker Anderson

      Many people around the world practice hot, stupid, trends. What I mean by hot is, bottle flipping, and fidget spinner tricks. They do it for their YouTube channels, like Dude Perfect, and a video by DALLMYD, and by hImage result for fidget spinner comicsundreds of thousands of other producers.

In all honesty, is it really because they like to do it? or is it because more and more people will search up bottle flipping, or fidget spinner tricks, on the YouTube search bar and of course the things that show up are the hot trends. They do it for money, knowing that the more people get into the trends the more they will search those things up and watch their videos.

Fidget spinners were made for those with ADHD, so they can concentrate a lot easier by doing something, but it grew a lot further than ADHD kids, it went to those rich kids, buying hundreds of them and selling them at school, and then getting kids to become addicted. They are loud, and really attention pulling. It really doesn’t help you concentrate at all.

Another easy one is bottle flipping. People became obsessed with it. They’d take milk jugs, Gatorade, gasoline cans and smaller water bottles just to make a video. This trend is also really loud. if your in class and some kid in the back of the

Image result for water bottle flipping imagesroom is bottle flipping, guaranteed it will take your attention because of the really loud thump every time it hits the desk.

Last but definitely not least, Kendamas. In 6th grade, this item became so popular. every recess there was a group of about 15-20 kids with a kendama. Kendamas were really expensive, at 10-30 bucks a PIECE! Image result for when did kendamas come out

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What’s Hot and What’s Not