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We are slogging our way through the first semester of school, and yep, we have pet peeves already. We also have the favorites on our plate and, like that Min-Pin you DON’T go near when it’s eating your shoe, we will bite the ankle that tries to take it from us.


  • The new NBA season. We’ve waited all summer long for this season to arrive. Steph Curry, you’re up!
  • Fall season. It’s fun…Cornbelly’s, Haunted (Fill in the Blank), Trick/Treat with a pillowcase for our goodies. But even better:  it keeps the cold and slushy snow in its proper place:  December.
  • Skiing slopes OPEN. Yeah, we get the sacredness of the Olympic leftovers of slopes, but wasn’t the idea, the PROMISE that those slopes would benefit ALL of mankind, bring world peace and hope and would solve the problem of world hunger? Hmmm?
  • Fall Break: Nice weather, hunting season for some, sleeping in, babysittin…wait…no…delete that! No homewo…um…do we have that?
  • Concerts:  We will not bend to fear. We are not a fearful people. We also understand that if someone is determined to destroy our comfortable world of music and concerts, they will find any method or means to do so.  Furthermore, we will live our lives in a manner of heroic choices. Always.
  • KICK:  Politicians who use Twitter: The advice is simple:  IF YOU GOT SOMETHING TO SAY TO SOMEONE, SAY IT TO THEIR FACE. TO HIDE BEHIND SOCIAL MEDIA IS COWARDLY. Free speech was never meant for cowards.
  • NFL protests:  Don’t overpower the joy of the game by protests. Yes, you have free speech, and we aImage result for school bus comicspplaud your decision to stand (so to speak) in defense of your communities, but please remember that we also have choice; it’s called ticket sales.
  • Halloween music: It’s not the songs that are the problem; it’s the steady repetition of the songs, like slow, slow torture…except for Thriller.
  • Seating arrangements on the bus:  For most of us bus riders, we behave. We might laugh loudly, might turn around, stick our hands out the window to wave at people, but it’s a small portion of people who are obnoxious.  And does it help? Just askin’
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