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It’s January. It’s the start of 2018, and to be honest, it doesn’t look any different than 2017.  We had a nice break…no homework…but when January 3 rolled around, a collective groan went up in many a household when the alarm clock went off and there was no denyin’ that, yep, school was open. So here are our likes and dislikes, pet peeves and sacred cows.


  1. Popcorn. Go ahead and shrug the shoulders. It’s the original dessert at the original Thanksgiving dinner, and through the years, it’s the icon of “going to the movies.” It’s healthy (no butter, minimal salt) and unhealthy (loaded with warm, melted, golden butter and dashed with sea salt).
  2. Tua Tagovailoa. Alabama. Crimson Tide. Sent the Georgia Bulldogs back to the doghouse. Loves his Samoan heritage, family, and Jesus. Gotta love this boy.
  3. Spotify, Apple music. Keep on streamin’. But don’t ask Grandma to know anything about it. As long as you play Buffalo Springfield and Stevie Ray Vaughn, she’s good with it.
  4. Guns…hunting. Always a good discussion at the dinner table. 2nd Amendment. Favorite hunting spot.
  5. Satellite TV. Care to elaborate?
  6. “Stranger Things.” It’s a teenage version of the Twilight Zone. It does pull kids off the games, but when they start talking about the monster, we lose it.


  1. Logan Paul/Jake Paul. Let us pause for a moment to quell the nausea. Obviously children of privilege who believe that whatever they produce is game changing and important. They do not know the line between the sacredness of life and the sacredness of dignity. May they never find an audience for their YourTubes…and have children who somehow do.
  2. Predators movie. Watch for it….
  3. Cars movies. Some of us love these cute movies while others have had to watch them in multiples of ten times, and wonder why Lightning McQueen still is broadsided by the punk cars. May Doc rest in peace.
  4. Micky Mouse shows/movies. (You might have to watch it at home with your grandma. You’ll have a good laugh.)


5. STAR WARS MOVIES. We know…it’s a 40 year tradition, and even some of the original actors have died. Forty years! And has no one told the directors that the acting is BAD? Story line is cool, but the acting is awful. http://

Sit and watch it with your grandmother and grandfather. Your parents weren’t even born yet when the first movie came out. See what we mean?

6. Tardy slips. Heavy sigh. Long line in the morning. Step over the threshhold for class…”You’re tardy. Go to the attendance office.” Door is shut. You wait….and wait.


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