Why do people hate the new StarWars Movies

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Star Wars is a movie loved by millions, However in 2015 when it made its big return after Disney bought Lucas films, fans were ecstatic with excitement. Then in December 2015 Star Wars The Force Awakens was released. And it may have been very similar to episode 4 it was wonderful. But on December 13th 2017 we were introduced to Star Wars Episode 8 The last Jedi, a movie so hated people actually want to take it off of the Star Wars canon universe. But that is not the answer this movie was only hated for its cheesiness (but come on people its called Star Wars for goodness sake) and it wasn’t what people thought it would be. But we needed to have a new style of Star Wars so the franchise could stay alive. It wasn’t the movie everyone wanted, but is was the movie we needed to keep Star Wars alive!

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Why do people hate the new StarWars Movies