Kareem Hunt’s history making debut as a pro NFL football player.



Parker Anderson, and Jackson Fuller, editor

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On Thursday September Seventh the NFL had started with the defending champs Patriots took on the on the rise Chiefs. On that day a not well known player out of Toledo was making his debut. This player’s name was Kareem Hunt taken 86th overall in the 3rd round by the Chiefs. However he had a nightmare start to his game, in his first ever NFL game on his first ever NFL carry the guy that only fumbled once in college fumbled the ball. However shockingly he bounced back and had one of the best debut performances we have ever seen.


The game against the patriots didn’t start well but with being down 7 to 17 in the second quarter Kareem Hunt Scored his first ever NFL touchdown to make the score 14 to 17. Later on in the Fourth Quarter Kareem Hunt had his second Touchdown with a 78 yard Touchdown catch to bring the game from 21-27 to 28-27 giving the Chiefs the lead. Later on in the game Kareem Hunt added another touchdown with 5 minutes left in the fourth quarter to extend their lead by Seven. At the end of the game the chiefs shockingly beat the Patriots 42-27 leaving Kareem Hunt with a historic game.


On the night Kareem Hunt had a total of 148 yards rushing with 248 total yards from scrimmage(record for a debut game) with Three total touchdowns 2 receiving and 1 rushing. Besides being a fantasy nightmare with 41 points on ESPN ( that is very good) with RB2 Le’veon Bell only getting 6, Kareem Hunt showed a lot of perseverance coming back from the beginning fumble. Showing anyone that you can always bounce back.


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Kareem Hunt’s history making debut as a pro NFL football player.