Early Morning Practice

Jackson Fuller, Writer

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Early Mourning Practice (sorry morning I’m really tired)

The night before was alright, you went to bed at 9:30 you fell asleep at about 10 and you were having a good sleep. You were dreaming about flying over the Vivint Smart Home Arena, dreaming of playing for your beloved Utah Jazz. You like this dream and you are happy, but then suddenly you are woken up by your Dad it is time for Basketball Practice.

The first thing you notice is the time on the clock it reads 5:45, once your Dad exits the room you then close your eyes in disbelief, however in doing so you fall back asleep. Three minutes later your Father comes back in the room this time a little more angry because you fell asleep again. You then get out of bed get your shoes on get dressed and get in the car to be driven to the indoor courts.


Once you arrive and your father drops you off you enter the building and head towards the court. Once you have entered the court you notice four of your six teammates there (Usually one to two people sleep in every time, usually we switch off claiming that we were ” sick “). Then practice starts with layups Everyone casually misses one or two however is too tired to notice or care. Later on in the practice the coach tries to make a joke, but no one makes a sound. In the practice you run a ton and do a lot of drills and finally you are picked up and driven home. You are glad that you have the rest of the day to chill out.

Then you realize it is time to get ready for school.





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Early Morning Practice