Lehi MTB Team

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If anyone is wondering what is the Lehi MTB team then they will find this helpful. The association they are with is the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA). The league is all about including others, the races are the highlight of the season though.

Race day is a combination of races, the morning races are for the JR. development team the 7th-8th graders. The afternoon races are for all the high school members the 9th-12th graders.

A race goes as follows, the announcer counts down from ten, what feels to be like the longest ten seconds anyone will ever encounter. After that it’s a jumble to get to the single track, after that it feels like flying, the riders are inspired to go faster as the fans cheer on louder and louder. As the riders come flying through the finish line they are absolutely exhausted

After the race there is all sorts of foods to regain energy. But not only are there races their are many, many practices. Practice is on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. If anyone is interested in this they can look at http://lehimtb.weebly.com/.

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Lehi MTB Team