Gruesome Basketball Injuries: Warning: Gross Pictures

After Gordon Hayward's injury, we would like to revisit some of basketball's more gross injuries.

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Gordon Hayward fractured his left tibia and dislocated his ankle just 5 minutes into his first game as a Celtic

Recently former Jazz player Gordon Hayward suffered one of the most gruesome injuries we have ever seen. To be honest when we got a notification about the player that had left the Jazz we thought he had just some sort of minor injury, and we celebrated. But, after seeing a video of the injury, we decided that nobody, even a traitor, deserves that. And we hope he has a speedy recovery.

Paul George broke his leg during a Team U.S.A showcase in 2014, one month before the FIBA Basketball World Cup Final.

The thing is that there are many gruesome basketball injuries that has happened over the years. The Paul George broken leg, for example, that took him out for a year.

Shaun Livingston goes down as a Los Angeles Clipper against the Charlotte Bobcats in 2007.

Shaun Livingston shattered his leg in 2007, and doctors said it might need to be amputated. But he is still on the court, ten years later, on his own two legs.

Kevin Ware was a sophomore at Louisville in a game against Duke when he fell after  trying to block a shot breaking his leg in two places and having his broken bone pop out of his skin.

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Gruesome Basketball Injuries: Warning: Gross Pictures