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Around 2013, near the time of Halloween, a friend and I were content with bug-catching. Several large fields were next to my house, so it wasn’t uncommon to find a few snakes, pheasants, small rodents, or the bugs we had been hunting for. A large white pasty sidewalk stretched alongside part of the field. Weeds and beige colored grasses broke through the split cement squares, and rocks dotted the path. As we strolled along the cement, net and bug-catcher in hand, we came upon a large grasshopper. It sat idly, its blackened eyes and camouflage body tense. My friend whispered to me and began to slide around the insect while I raised the net. The insect gained the courage to leap across my friend’s shoe as it dove for the safety of the fields, my friend close behind. He snagged the net and bug-catcher from me- then all went silent. We had caught the Grasshopper! The two of us panted for air desperately as we tiredly walked into the house with the cage and a Praying Mantis. I instructed my friend as if I were the leader to go get some Otter Pops while I ran downstairs to Related imagepridefully set the cage with the two insects on display for my mom.

“Why’d you put both in the same cage?” She asked, glancing up from her work-space dully. “We didn’t have another one!” I had said with protest. She shook her head and pulled a face without a response. At the time, I had not listened to the wary tone my mom had said the sentence in, since I was distracted and excited to go eat an Otter Pop. Time flew by and we both decided to march downstairs to let my mom know we were going to catch more bugs, and we’d need the cage. “There’s only one in there, look!” My mom said, directing an index finger towards the pink-mesh cage. I pulled a face and stepped a bit closer, my young agile gaze navigating through the mesh. Sure enough, there was only one. The Praying Mantis had gotten a hold of the Grasshopper and killed it. The insect nibbled at the Grasshopper, the small jaws tearing at its dead body. “It killed its friend!” I remember saying as I cradled the cage. My mom shrugged. “I was just working and all the sudden I heard this loud crunching sound, and I looked over and it had killed your Grasshopper.”

I haven’t caught a Prey Mantis since.

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