Rosa Parks day is a National day of Remembrance either celebrated on Feb 4th or December 1st in the U.S. Rosa Parks is remembered for her strong will when being arrested on an Alabama Bus after not giving up her seat to someone who had a different skin color then her. You could say that she sparked a "social transformation" when she started one of the first civil rights movements. But many people do not ask what happened after Rosa Parks did not go to the back of the bus, when she was arrested or when she boycotted the "white section" a year after her arrest. Although she did play a huge role in African American civil rights, her and her family payed a big price. The persecution was a big issue between the family of Rosa Parks, which was to be expected after a bus boycott in Montgomery Alabama for over 381 days crippling the bus industry in Alabama. But Parks received more then just persecution she received death threats towards her and her family. Rosa lost her job and struggled to find income after her arrest. So she moved to Virginia and then towards the end of her life lived in Detroit and, noticing the segregation in Detroit. She continued to push for better housing for African Americans. Although her life wasn't the happiest, it sure is inspiring and fulfilling to see how much she pushed for her rights and others rights. Today we remember Rosa Parks and her huge impact in the U.S and in the world. Have a good December 1st, and keep Rosa Parks and her legacy in the back of your mind today.

Grace Clark, Journalist

Nov 20, 2017
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