30STM/MUSE concert-Alison Lundquist

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On Wednesday 9/20/17, Muse and Thirty Seconds To Mars did their last tour to Salt Lake City Utah. The special thing about this was that from 30 Seconds to Mars, and Muse the bands tried their best to make our experience as an audience the best yet. From 7:00 pm to 11:00 you get the full experience of the flashing lights and visual effects of both the well-known bands excluding 90’s heartthrob Jared Leto starring in My So Called Life. As if you don’t already know the competition between the two bands left the crowds singing all night long to their favorite songs.

Meet the band of Muse. To start, the lead singer Matt Bellamy first started by being born into a band family and met his best friends, and present band members in his school while successfully auditioning for a part in a band called Gothic Plague which then was changed to Muse when they first moved to Teignmouth, Devon. He then becomes a singer-songwriter during that time. An interesting fact about Matt is that is that he nearly writes all of his songs, and can play two instruments other than his voice and played the clarinet at school. Next is, the well knows bass guitarist Chris Wolstenholme. He first got started by first playing in a band called post-punk which was rehearsed in the same building as Rocket Baby Dolls, also known as Muse during that time. A devastating fact about Chris is that his dad died of a heart attack just after their performance at their Glastonbury Festival. The last member of Muse is Dominic Howard. Dominic first started in a band called Carnage Mayhem, which he was in at school. And became friends with Matt at the time.

Meet the band of 30 Seconds To Mars.

Now that you’ve met the two bands, let’s talk about the experience. What’s the difference between being in front and back of the stadium? First of all, when being in the front you get the full experience of all the visual effects and music. Even though these are both good things you still would have to bring earplugs because of the loud bass, and striking visual effects. A fun fact about my experience was that my family was planning on bringing a backpack full of necessities including earplugs, snacks, etc. But the only problem was that when we go done waiting in line for an hour and a half, the security guards wouldn’t let us take it into the concert. We had to walk a fairly long distance on a rocky uneven surface to get to our car. When we later saw a guy in the mosh pit seating arrangement who brought a huge white tiger backpack/accessory. Like what the heck? Anyways we had to stuff our ears with paper towels and had to buy water bottles for 4 dollars a piece (we bought four), and 4 pizza boxes for 8 dollars a piece. (which only had 4 pieces of pizza in it.)

Being in the back, it can be a struggle to see all the flashing lights and amazing images of the band members. With being on the back for only a few minutes to change new seats, it was really hard to see anything with the hundreds of people crowding the front and dispersing out into the lawn of the back of amphitheater. But soon moving closer and over to the left side of the stage, it was a lot easier to get a view of the band and visuals. But the frustrating thing is that there were these large televisions that projected close-ups and visual art movement to give each song a different atmosphere. But the pictures it projects are staggering to see what they are. People in the suites seats have no problem with this, but being on the far side of the stage can be a struggle. But we don’t need to complain all that much since this was an amazing show to see. With the well-known songs and the familiar lyrics with the heavy bass mixes well to a Muse fan. Not to mention the surprise guitar solo from Led Zepplin’s, HeartBreaker played by Matt Bellamy. After a wild night of loud music and dancing around to your favorite beat, your feet will never work for a week and you will be deaf for a month.






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30STM/MUSE concert-Alison Lundquist