Stupid Trends + Gullible People = Epic Fail

Please don't follow these trends

Cy Nelson

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Most people know about the locker smash/jump challenge, also known as the Spiderman Challenge. It’s when you run full speed at a row of lockers, and bellyflop into the lockers, full on. Anyone with common sense knows that this is about as dumb as a pigeon on roller skates, but nevertheless, its a trend. People are Snapchatting, Instagramming, and who knows what other grammings are going on. This isn’t the only dumb trend to sweep the nation as an internet sensation. Pokemon Go, although making kids get 20 minutes more walking every day, made people catch Pokemon in the middle of the street, and other dangerous places. The phone pinch challenge caused a bunch of phones to fall out buildings, into water, off cliffs, and out car windows. The Cactus Eating Challenge was a dentist’s nightmare. So please, before you follow some social media trend, think about what is at risk.

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Stupid Trends + Gullible People = Epic Fail