September Wisescopes

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Image result for corn dogsJanuary    Corn Dogs: You’re warm on the inside/warm heart. You look tough on the outside, but are very kind on the inside, you need to be happier/ more outgoing. Don’t expect the worst of people. You like being around sensitive and patient/calming people, who will help you calm down. You may get “steamed up” easily.

February   Mirror Mazes: Mirror Mazes are confusing and it can be easy to get lost in yourself.

March       Popcorn: You don’t look like much at first, but under heat you change and the best of you is brought out. After you change you still have a bit of a shell. You are very versatile and have a lot of flavors. You can be annoying at times but people still like you.

April          Funnel Cake: You’re sweet, but you can be crazy. You’re lovable, but people can get annoyed with you when they’ve had too much. You’re spontaneous and the life of the party. You remind people of old memories.

May           Fresh Lemonade: We chose fresh lemonade because it’s the beginning of summer; it’s a fresh start. This person is sometimes sweet, but other times they can be sour. An example of a time you might be sour is the last few weeks of school. Around this time no one’s thrilled to be at school. Once school is out you are motivated and excited, and this is when you are sweet fresh lemonade. Sometimes when you’re lazy and don’t want to put any sugar in your lemonade,  you can be sour. Another time you can be sour is when you’re not trying to be sweet.                                                                                                                                                                        Image result for lemonade You can appear kind to new friends, but you are also sour and bitter. When you start to get lazy, you begin to be bitter or grouchy. You are easily motivated and can be sweet and helpful. At the end of school, you usually are sour and want to get out. But when summer comes, you’re right back to being sweet!

June           Carousel: You are old school and a classic. You are very cautious and like to take things slow. You don’t take many risks. However, you can sometimes take thing to slow and you can be a bit to cautious.

Image result for doughnut burgerJuly           Doughnut Burger: Have you ever craved a doughnut and a burger at the same time? If you have, then you may have met someone who is secretly sweet, savory, but also a bit spicy.

August      Cotton Candy: You’re classic. You’re essential to any fun time and never have a dull moment. You’re very lighthearted  and are never heavy. You can be a little too sweet sometimes and often find yourself with too much weight on your shoulders. Take it easy but stay sweet.

SEPTEMBER:  Ferris Wheel:  Sometimes you are up and sometimes down, but either way, you keep going around…spinning, and moving forward, hardly stopping or moving backwards.  You are on a straight track. If you need to make new friends, you pick them up, and that cycle may never end. Beware, though…if you stop too muich, you will lose momentum. Don’t take on more than you can handle.

Image result for tilt-o-whirl carnival rideOctober    Tilt-o-whirl: You are the tilt-o-whirl. You work with the things around you to get the most momentum and success.  Be cautions of disrespectful people, they can slow you down. You need to find something to to push yourself for. The harder you try, the more successful you will be. Even if you’re in a whirlwind and spinning you can still pull through. You might throw up but that’s just part of the ride.



November:  Tractor Pull:  You have a little trouble making up your mind, whether it’s what to wear in the morning, what to order at a restaurant, or how to spend your money. It also comes into play when you are trying to decide which side of an issue you believe in most – politics drive you crazy because both sides are equally right and equally wrong. This seeming indecisiveness does make you miss opportunities, though, and at some point, one of those titan sides has to give. Once that happens, kill the engines and live with your decision. It never helps to look back at what you shoulda, coulda, mighta done. You did, and that’s the point.

December:  Blue Ribbon:  You are one of a kind, the top competitor, and the rewards are sweet indeed. Because you come packaged with the best of humanity in you, you have lots of admirers, even if you can’t see them. You have more friends than you will ever realize…people do value what you say and do. Word of caution: Don’t let this lead you into believing that you are better than anyone else.  Don’t be that person in the group at the back of the classroom who make fun of others who were not born you. You never know…you might have just met another Blue Ribbon soul.

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September Wisescopes