A Guide to Babysitting Siblings: Pro Tips

Chase Dunkley and Payton Moss

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Babysitting siblings is hard, but with the right knowledge, it’s easy. Here are 10 pro tips every sibling babysitter should know:

  • Try not to be mean to them. They will tell on you.
  • You are the boss, but don’t be too bossy. If you do, they won’t obey.
  • Sending them to bed early can be risky.
  • If they have a certain chore that they usually do, telling them to do it isn’t being rude.
  • If you want them to do something for you, tell them it’s a game. Kids fall for this a lot.
  • Try mimicking your parents that they mainly listen to, they will obey better.
  • Sometimes, if you are too nice to them, they will use you. Don’t fall into their trap.
  • Candy is a great bribing tool.
  • Usually, when babysitting siblings, you don’t get paid. Ask your parents if you could.
  • If you have older siblings that are supposed to help you babysit, tell them you have important things to do and make them do all the work.

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A Guide to Babysitting Siblings: Pro Tips