Awkward Moments-Alison Lundquist

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School can be pretty embarrassing. Especially when you’re a “sevie” also known as a seventh grader who for the first time, will go into a world never seen before, while of course already been explored by the eighth and ninth grades here at Willow Creek Middle School. Here are just a few of the most awkward scenarios during school hours. Enjoy. 🙂

First of all, there’s the lunchroom. During the first few weeks of school, most 7th graders understand the struggle of finding anywhere, literally anywhere, to sit during lunch time. Although some “sevies” already have elementary school friends, others experience the awkward feeling when finding a table and friends. Or friends and a table. Or just friends because most of the time, they have a different lunch schedule than you.

Related imageNext is, getting through the halls. Walking through the halls can be pretty horrific. There’s grades of all ages, and students of all sizes. So getting stuck in the middle of traffic isn’t so hot, especially when walking up or down the stairs only to be trampled by a huge stampede of wild animals for example. This can be particularly hard when rushing to your next class period on an attempt on being on time. This now leads into being late for a class. “Nothing is worse than walking in late into a class with everyone, especially your teacher glaring at you to get a late slip.” This was said by a future junior in high school, who obviously understands both the awkwardness, and embarrassment, of just simply being late to a class.

Now for the awkwardest of all. Forgetting your P.E uniform. In P.E, it is required to bring your uniform every time there’s class. Now, digging from the depths of a laundry bin to find some loaner pants, a shirt or even shoes doesn’t sound so appealing. Neither does getting ready in the locker room, while being eaten alive by way too close, close peers, as the over confident unnecessarily show every part of their body to the innocent eyes of the people around them. Lastly,  how could you forget about the overpowering smell of cologne, or perfume making it impossible to breathe, let alone getting ready in a short amount of time to get to gym class.



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One Response to “Awkward Moments-Alison Lundquist”

  1. Ian Stringham on October 12th, 2017 9:12 am

    That was an amazing story, super relatable and humorous.

Awkward Moments-Alison Lundquist